Tide Line Thames / Anne Krinsky & Tom Pearman

Tide Line Thames, my collaborative video made with Tom Pearman, explores the Thames and its architectural structures between high and low tide lines. It was created for, and screened in, the Thames Tunnel Shaft of the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, for the 2017 Totally Thames Festival. The film merges my video footage of the river and its architecture with Pearman's animations of faux tunneling forms, inspired by Brunel's Tunnel and Tunnel Shaft. 

We developed the collaboration within the Tunnel Shaft and projected our images directly onto its rough curved walls. The tunnel shaft itself dictated the kind of images that worked within it. Because it is not a clean white space, our imagery needed to be quite graphic to hold its own. Tom's geometrical animations – when overlaid on my video footage – create intriguing visual relationships. 

Pearman comments, "My work often investigates faux three-dimensional form, while at the same time exposing the physical processes involved in making it. My ‘engineered' projected forms in the Tunnel Shaft combined with Anne’s video explore the juncture of what can be discovered above and below the Thames."


Special thanks to Tim Palmer's music students from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance at University of Greenwich, who created a collaborative piece of music in response to Tide Line Thames. They performed it in the Thames Tunnel Shaft of the Brunel Museum on 20th September 2017.

Anne Krinsky-Tom Pearman_Tide Line Thames Brunel.jpg