I work across analogue and digital media - painting, printmaking, photography and video. Historical, geographical and visual research underpins my practice and I have made installations in response to materials in archived collections in the US, the UK and India. Doing so gives me the chance to engage with new visual content and create work that "left to my own devices" I never would make.  

Layering – of ideas, images and media – lies at the heart of my process. I find inspiration in the geometries of architecture and the decorative arts. My work explores both the regularity of repeated pattern and its disruption. I am fascinated by the ways in which built and natural structures change over time.

My Tide Line Thames project investigated the river and its architectural structures between high and low tide lines, as part of London’s Totally Thames. The project culminated with a collaborative video installation in the Brunel Museum Tunnel Shaft and with Tropical Thames, my installation of large-scale digital prints on aluminium panels in the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, commissioned by Canary Wharf Arts.

In observing the tidal Thames erode metal, wood and stone, I began thinking about rising sea levels induced by climate change and the resultant flood risks to communities and intertidal habitats. This led me to a new project on wetlands and climate change, looking at a range of river and coastal wetlands. In the project’s first research phase, I undertook a 2018 Time and Space Residency with METAL, in Southend-on-Sea, documenting a series of Thames Estuary walks with video, photography and drawing. 

Anne Krinsky_A Dream of Glasswort detail 2.jpg