I work across analog and digital media – painting, printmaking, photography and video. Visual and historical research underpins much of my recent practice and I have made installations in response to materials in archived collections in the US, the UK and India. Doing so gives me the chance to engage with new visual content and create work that "left to my own devices" I never would make.

I find inspiration in the geometries of the decorative arts and architecture. Through physical processes in the studio, I explore both the regularity of repeated pattern and its disruption. I am fascinated by the ways in which built and natural structures change over time. Layering – of ideas, images and material processes – lies at the heart of my practice.

In my prints made on the etching press, I overprint multiple plates on a single sheet of paper. As a new plate is printed, previously visible and embossed areas are submerged and flattened. My acrylics also reveal themselves slowly, as I build up and sand down multliple layers to reiterate or obscure the underlying structure. Each work evolves through repeated interventions until its tactile surface invites prolonged viewing.

In the Fold, ARTHOUSE1 LondonInstallation detail, Acrylic on 12 sheets of 70 x 100 cm Khadi paper, 2016