Canvey Island Reflections

I took two buses from Chalkwell Park to reach Canvey Island. I then walked down to the Lobster Smack pub at the end of Haven Road and climbed up and over the seawall. On the other side, I walked past the Port of London Authority Holehaven Pier and along Hole Haven Creek. From here you can see the partially demolished Coryton Refinery, which shut down in 2013 after numerous serious safety incidents. 

DSC_0039 cropped.jpg

The photos and video I took on Canvey Island focused on a jetty that traverses the wetlands and on its reflection in Hole Haven Creek. I was fascinated by the way the incoming tidal current abstracted and dissolved the reflected geometry of the jetty to make striated drawings in the water. 


In the Estuary, the oil and gas, shipping and waste disposal industries have reshaped the landscape, severely impacting wetlands and the natural world. I find myself in the ambivalent position of being attracted to residual industrial structures for their visual and formal qualities, while recognizing the environmental damage caused by the petrochemical and refining industries. 


While I was photographing and filming, a pair of Shelducks were noodling around, feeding on the incoming tide.